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I’m a Pisces and while I’ve never felt connected to the sign by the personality traits that are ascribed to the sign (I’m loud and outgoing, super social and a Type A organizer), I have always been a water baby.

I swam through middle and high school, got certified as a lifeguard in my teens, taught swimming for several summers and have adopted triathlon as my sport of choice in the last few years.

I am happiest in the water. Near the water. Listening to the water. Smelling the water. And apparently, I’ve passed that down to Audrey.



The child loves to splash. She gets giddy at bathtime, and now that we’ve opened the pool for the summer, she starts squealing as soon as we put on her swimsuit.


It’s such a joy to me. We took her to the beach this weekend and my brave little baby couldn’t stop grinning — even when the waves smacked her in the face (bad Mommy took her in a little too deep).


And my trouper was an all-star on a boat trip (well, she fell asleep but I figure it was because of the soothing sounds and smells).


So, I’m thinking it’s time to look into infant swim classes, perhaps for next spring/summer. I’ve heard good things about ISR, or infant swim self-rescue but I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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    Xander loves swimming!! We’ve done a water babies class as well as an aqua mommies class. He can do a one handed float assist already (hand at neck) and will stand at the pool edge and “jump” in while reaching for my hands. It’s incredible!! Any exposure at a young age is what’s key – so you’re already doing that! Have fun Audrey!!
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    As you know, you come from generations of swimmers on both sides of your family…I mean, Australia and Southern California? How much more swimmy can you get? And now you are in Florida??? Hello…

    I hope you find the perfect learning experience for her…in the meantime, just keep having fun with her in the water…it is, indeed, our happy place!
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    Those pictures kill me! So stinking cute. We recently took our 6 month daughter swimming and I felt the exact same way. It is amazing how brave and determined little ones can be. Do you plan on teaching Audrey to swim yourself, or are you going to sign her up for swim lessons? I was considering infant swim lessons, but don’t really have any experience with them or know how useful they would be. Any advice?
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    based on talking to friends who did ISR, while it seems really cool, i don’t think it’s necessary for us since D doesn’t live in a pool house. But a swimming baby type class would be great! let me know!
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