Dear Audrey (Week 8)

Dear Audrey,

I don’t know why, but I feel like making it to eight weeks is a major milestone — you’ll be two months old on Thursday, and I can’t believe so much time has passed since I first met you. And yet there is not much newborn left in you. You have started to call and answer (Me: “Hi Audrey!” You: “Agoooooo”) and I caught some of it on video:

You’re still a pretty serious little baby, and I celebrate even the smallest smiles. I go through some pretty goofy stuff to earn them, from dancing to tickling you to making silly faces.

You’re so strong, my little Bug. You hold your head up, you look around at every noise, you have started to roll (not all the way over, but soon, I bet) and hate staying put for your post-meal burps.

Sleeping is still amazing. I know regression may be in our future, so I wake up every morning thankful that you have let me rest.

You have started to want the pacifier every time you take a nap, which is fine with me. You’re still not that interested in toys but you have started to be more curious about your rattles.

Baby wearing is hit or miss. When you’re in the mood, you love it. When you’re not, you melt down. So I keep trying!

You and I take a walk almost every day — and I think it’s almost time to take out the infant insert that came with the car seat. We’ll get your official weight at the doctor next week, but I bet it’s near or over 11 pounds!

You and Daddy are so in love with each other. This week, he introduced you to one of his favorite holiday movies, even singing you some of the songs. You loved it, so I have a feeling this will become a new tradition!

You seem so happy, kid. I hope you stay that way.



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