Dear Audrey (Week 12)

Dear Audrey,

Congratulations on making it through your fourth trimester — we had some challenges, for sure, but my gosh are you an amazing kid.

It’s hard for me to believe that you’ll be turning 3 months old in just a week, but the older you get, the more fun you are. In these past few weeks, you’ve gotten the hang of holding your head up, you’ve started babbling nearly around the clock, you smile, you laugh and you are definitely developing a personality.

Now that you’re totally over your cold (ugh, thank goodness!) we’ve been out and about, visiting friends, celebrating the new year, shopping and more. On Monday, you start daycare full-time, so you did a trial run this week with a 2-hour visit, and you seemed to do well…what a relief!

I reorganized your nursery (yes, again…I just love to tidy!) and put the rest of your 0-3 month clothes away and washed and put away your 3-month and 3 to 6-month outfits. I love dressing you up, even though Daddy tries to pull off all of the hairbows I give you.

You went to your first college bowl game and were absolutely angelic. Daddy and I both carried you in the Ergo, but you loved it best when we got you out and put you on our laps so you could see the action.


You’re still pretty grabby, wrapping my hair around your fingers, tugging at my shirt and more. I think you’ve also started to discover your feet, because you like to kick them and grab for them with your hands.

The only drama this week was in our Mommy/Baby yoga class. Man, you wanted nothing to do it it! Someday, I hope you’ll like doing exercises with me, but it’s OK if you’re not quite ready for downward dog.

Your Uncle Andrew and Auntie Liza arrived on Thursday, and we met them at the airport. What fun! And boy, do they love you. You’re their only niece, but I think you’d be their favorite no matter what.

From this week on, our time together will be a bit more limited, as I go back to work. I hope you understand why I’m choosing to work out of the house, and I hope that someday you’ll be strong enough to make your own choices. I love you with all of my heart and soul and know that you’re going to be in good, capable and safe hands. The hardest part for me is that you’re going to be taking more bottles than you ever have, but I’m feeling blessed to be able to breastfeed you at home and provide pumped milk when you’re away.

I love you, kid. You are the best thing in my life.




  1. Sarah says

    Hope your first day back at work and Audrey’s first day at full-time day care goes well! I’m interested to hear more about the transition and also how you manage to breastfeed at home and pump at work, as this is what I will be doing when my baby is born in the Spring. :)

  2. says

    My daughter just turned 12 weeks old today so they are pretty close in age. I’m not looking forward to going back to work either, but I worked too hard on having a career.
    You daughter is adorable. I love her chubby cheeks!
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