Dear Audrey (Week 11)

Dear Audrey,

What did you do to end up on the naughty list, my little angel? Santa delivered our house a Christmas cold, and it was a DOOZY. I got it first and despite my best efforts, you picked it up on Christmas Eve, at 5 p.m. when not a creature was stirring…except, thank goodness, the cashiers at Walgreens. I rushed there to stock up on supplies and then you and I settled in for a few rough days together.

Snuffles, snirfles, sniffles and more…but you handled all with a smile, for the most part. Thankfully, you slept most of it away (you LOVE to sleep — whose kid are you???) and maybe, just maybe, you’ve knocked that whole getting sick thing out before you start daycare in a week or so. (A mom can dream, right?)

All in all, you seemed to be a little “meh” toward Christmas…you love looking at our little tree with Daddy and let me sing carols while dancing with you on the big day, but other than that, you didn’t understand what was going on. :) Next year will be so much fun!

Mommy is getting much better about leaving you with other people, and that’s good for both of us. For all of us, really, because Daddy LOVES his time with you and while the two of you are already ganging up on me to play tricks, I love how much you love each other.

You are still a little stingy with your smiles, but when you give us one, you give us a *big* one and even sometimes a little giggle. Your favorite activities include: watching TV, laughing at the doggies, bath time, sleeping and eating.

Your least favorite? Tummy time, being sick, more than 15 minutes of babywearing, keeping socks on.

Every day, you make me smile. And yes, as you’ll find out, mommy cries when she’s happy, so the tears have been flowing as well.

We love you, Buggy.



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