Dear Audrey (Week 10)

Dear Audrey,

DOUBLE DIGITS! And you know what? As hard as it is to let your teeny tiny newborn self go, I have to admit that you are so much more fun than you used to be. You interact with toys, with us — and you are becoming QUITE the chatterbox.

Of course, you still prefer to flirt with men, so you really only “talk” when Daddy is around. Silly duck. Speaking of ducks, it was chilly enough for you to wear footie pajamas this week!

Now that you are getting a little more wriggly, you don’t want to snuggle as much. So when you do let me hold you close, I just get lost in your beautiful eyes. They’re still blue, but kind of slate-colored, with a little green poking through.

You have also figured out how to grip and hold on tight. To my hands, to my shirt, to my hair and especially to your toys.

I think we have a music lover on our hands — we took you to a special class this weekend and while it was still a bit over your head, you LOVED sitting with us and singing…you bopped your little head to the Jingle Bells.

You are also Daddy’s little football buddy — you really love watching TV!

Your Monkey love is still going strong, although it’s getting harder and harder to convince you to go down and stay down at naptime. There’s just so much for you to play with!

In addition to our daily walks, we went to Mommy and Baby yoga this week and we *both* loved it.

New things this week: open-mouthed kisses, new babble noises, interaction with your toys and being too LONG for your 0-3 month clothes. You are in the 95th percentile for height!

We love you, Buggy…



  1. Megan says

    Your weekly updates are my favorite! I had a little girl on 10/8 so she is almost the exact same age as your little one. Week 10 could have been written about my daughter! I love all of the “talking” she does now and I’m glad mine isn’t the only one who loves watching tv. Enjoy the holidays!

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