Dear Audrey (9 Months)

Dear Audrey,

My babbling, nearly-standing, no-teeth-yet, sweet, sunny-faced, happy little girl.

Every single day with you is a blessing. And a pleasure. I still want to stop time, because it feels like it’s going by very quickly, but at the same time…I’m so glad that you’re growing into a fun little toddler and leaving those floppy baby days behind.

We have such a blast with you, and we still can’t believe how easy you’ve been. There have been rough times — teething, no sleep at daycare — but the good times are plentiful.

You are working on pulling yourself up and standing with support — you haven’t quite mastered the ability to stand on both feet, but you’re able to get one foot down and hang like a monkey on the bars of your crib, so I think it’s about to click.

Now that you’re crawling, you’re quite the handful. You don’t stay in one place for more than a second, and while I’m trying not to be a helicopter mom, I do find myself chasing you around to keep you out of trouble!

(What is it about the remote that you love so much, huh?)

A couple of weeks ago, you started babbling “bob bob bob” and “pop pop pop” and of course, we went crazy. We pretend you’re saying “mom” and “pop” but since you direct it toward everything from the dogs to your bathtub, I think we’re stretching.

We’re working on some baby sign language with you, and I can’t wait until you’re able to sign back.

You’re still breastfeeding like a champ and I’m so happy, although I will be glad to put the pump away in a few months. Now that you’re eating solids, you are stretching out your nursing sessions, and it’s fun to watch you stuff your face with your favorite foods. So far, we’ve kept you on a vegetarian diet but I’m open to giving you meat…sometime.

As the oldest baby in your infant room at daycare, you’re quite the role model. The babies love to watch you and the teachers are fighting over who gets to babysit you. Sweet girl.

Love you,



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    I agree, every day is just more fun! (mostly) We gave olivia her own remote because she’s also so obsessed with it. I can’t wait to follow more about the baby sign language. I do it sometimes, but not consistently. Hope you do a post on that in the future!
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