No Blowouts, Baby!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. My full disclosure policy is here.


Audrey’s newborn diaper days were DOOZIES. As a first-time mama, I was naive about what I would find when I opened up that not-so-sweet little wrapper, even in her first days of life (although I’ll also admit that pre-solids poops are a whole lot more pleasant than those that come after babies start eating real foods).


I (or Lucas) would change her diaper 10, 12, sometimes 15 times a day, and so we very quickly developed a favorite brand: Pampers.


Even my mom marveled at the Swaddlers, which have a color-changing stripe down the center to indicate when the baby is wet. Yay for science! They now come in larger sizes, as well, which is great for babies that take a little longer to start crawling or standing.

These days, Audrey is in the Cruisers diapers, which are better for babies who are mobile, and she’s in between sizes. Rather than buying HUGE boxes of a size that she may soon grow out of, I’ve started to just buy smaller boxes or bags so nothing goes to waste, so it’s really great that we have a CVS less than a mile from our house (plus, I use the ExtraCare card when I check out to get coupons toward my next diaper purchase).


The Sensitive Wipes are also our pick, because Audrey tends to have very sensitive skin and anything with fragrance can give her a rash. The Sensitive wipes not only work on her cute little bum, they are good for wiping her hands and face in a pinch.


I’m not only partial to Pampers because they work on our kid (we’ve only had a couple of blowouts in 14 months…amazing!) but because they have really impressed me with their customer service. Several months ago, I’d bought a box of diapers that for some reason, just didn’t work. They leaked and wouldn’t stay stuck. I called the help line and the company immediately sent me coupons to replace the diapers I’d purchased, plus another box.

Having said all of this…I’m definitely excited about the prospect of having a kid out of diapers (when will potty-training start?). Changing her is not my favorite task and I try to pass it off to Lucas whenever possible.

Any funny diaper changing stories to share?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Kirsten says

    We only use Pampers diapers and sensitive wipes too! Our 15 month old has very sensitive skin – Huggies repeatedly gave her a rash and other generic brands didn’t keep the stuff contained. We order ours through Amazon using subscribe and save, which seems to be cheaper for us, and I love that it shows up on our doorstep at the end of each month!

  2. Sarah says

    We use cloth diapers but Pampers sensitive wipes are our favorite too! I tried to be cheap and buy Target brand and then the environmentally-friendlier 7th gen and Babyganics but didn’t like any of them as much, they just don’t work as well. Glad to hear they have great customer service too!

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