Month 2: Stuff We Love

We have survived another month thanks to lots of patience, long naps and yes, some STUFF.

Month 1 was all about the basics — feeding, sleeping and diapers. Lots of diapers.

Now, we’re still using most of those items and more. Here are some (more) of the things that we loved over the last 30 days!

*Note: there is an Amazon affiliate code on most of these links, which means I get a very small chunk of change from Amazon if you buy the product using one of them. If you would prefer not to, just remove the tag from the URL once you click through.

Boppy Lounger

Month 2-1

I’m still trying to do as much tummy time as baby girl can stand, and this seems to buy me an extra five minutes or so. It’s inclined just a bit but has a very deep cushion, so I can put her tummy down and drape her arms over the top or I can put her back down and let her flail about a bit.

It is also, hands-down, the best place to put baby for photo sessions. It props her up at the perfect angle and also keeps her comfy while I take a cajillion shots (see above).


We still use the Rock ‘N’ Play and the Swing for naps, but she’s now getting more and more interested in playing during the day. We got a hand-me-down bouncer from friends and just started using it. She buckles in so she’s nice and safe, and I can kind of bounce the back of the seat, which she loves. Ours also has a vibration mode and music. The one linked above is not the one we have but is the one I’d buy. :)

Gumdrop Pacifiers and Clips

My girl LOVES her pacis, and once I realized how quickly they can prevent or stop meltdowns, I stocked up. I have tried several brands, but the Gumdrop and Soothies are her favorites (they have shorter, more flexible nipples as well as little holes that make it easier for me to hold on while she latches).

The clips are awesome because the paci tends to fall out (or get spit out) and when your kid is crying, the last thing you want to do is dig around in the swing/stroller/car seat to find it. These Booginheads are great because they clip to all sorts of pacifiers and are, frankly, adorable.


Ahhhh, I would run through lightning and hail to get this paci if I had to. That’s how much we love our monkey. It’s a stuffed animal (beanie baby sized) that is attached to a Soothie pacifier. I have no idea why she loves it, but she does (as you can see from this video). She’s still not really interested in playing with toys, but she has started to stroke and squeeze her little buddy, and I see the seeds of interaction starting. She honestly can’t go to sleep without this, and even if she spits it out, she snuggles it close to her face while drifting off.

Cute Outfits

Month 2-136

Month 1 was all about the onesie. When you’re changing your baby three times a day, and rarely leaving the house, it’s hard to justify dressing her up in her baby finest. But now that we are dealing with fewer spit-ups and blowouts, I feel more confident about putting on her pretty dresses and, yes, humiliating her with hair bows.

Footie Pajamas

We’re still swaddling baby at night, and we’re in Florida. So for bedtime, I change her into a onesie or baby kimono so she doesn’t overheat. But there’s a stretch of time between bathtime and bedtime where footie pajamas are awesome. Our routine is bath—>bottle—>swing, and I hate seeing her little damp body get chilly. The footies will be great for overnights once she drops the swaddle, but for now it’s a really great way to keep her warm AND signify that bedtime is nigh.


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    Katy~ I love the video with the Wabanubb and how purposeful Audrey is bringing her open hands together to feel the monkey. It’s darling to watch. :)

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