The Heart Wants but the Body Hurts

As it turns out, I’m not, in fact, Superwoman. At least not while pregnant.

I posted that on a Tuesday, just 48 hours after getting home from a weekend of out-of-town travel. On Thursday, I headed back to dance class to see if it was just a fluke.

It wasn’t. And I’m sad to say that I am all but done with any serious exercise program while pregnant. Earlier than planned. Not what I wanted. But definitely right for me.

Exercise has been one of the things that has kept me sane this pregnancy. I have been lifting weights, taking long walks, dancing 1-2 times a week and more. But my body is giving me the signs that it’s time to slow down and spend my time preparing for labor and delivery as well as being a new mama.

I’m not the only one that has struggled with being mentally ready to work out but physically unable:

Absolutely, I will do whatever it takes to keep my body and my baby healthy. I just thought I’d be able to squeeze a few more weeks of working out into my routine before having to give it all up. I’m now looking to my longest no-exercise stretch in years, with six weeks left in pregnancy and at least six more of post-partum no-exercise time.

Even daily activities wear me out these days, and it’s humbling. I’m getting better about sitting when I need to, saying no to activities that would keep me on my feet and to justĀ beingĀ … no to-do list in sight. That’s hard for me!

So, the no-plan plan for now is to get as much activity in as feels good — maybe a short walk every few days, some light weights, swimming, etc. I know it’s the right call, even if it’s a hard one to make.


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    Calling it quits definitely wasn’t easy, but by FAR has been the right decision. I was mopey for awhile, but it’s been so nice to focus on relaxation and nesting and all that other good stuff instead. :)
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    Light weights, walks and swimming are all exercise! That’s not sitting on your tush. I kept walking on the treadmill until around 38 weeks very slowly. You’ll be back to your pre-level of fitness soon after.

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    You are doing so great! I think I taught Zumba until I was 22 Weeks and then I knew I was done! I continued to teach cycling and group strength classes until I was 33 weeks pregnant because that was when the schedule ended at the YMCA. I was SOOOO glad to be done teaching. Then I was free to do my own thing which included yoga, swimming, elliptical, light weight training, and walking. You are doing what it right and listening to your body!


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