Reflections on a Drug-Free Birth: 7 Months Later

I have probably thought about Audrey’s birth day every single day since October 13th, and it remains the most intense, amazing, challenging and beautiful day of my life.

I spent 40+ weeks preparing for a drug-free birth, hoping the stars would align (they did). My friend Michelle did not plan for it, but got it in a lightning quick delivery shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

She wrote a wonderful, thought-provoking post called “The Entitlement of a Drug-Free Birth” and it spurred me to put some of my own thoughts on tape.


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    Standing ovation, Katy! That’s how I felt about my birth story, it was the right thing for me. Love that you and Michelle blogged about this and how women need to be confident (and educated) about having the birth experience that they want! Bravo, well said!
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    off topic, but i got so confused when i loaded this page i double-clicked the menu bar to check the address thinking i’d accidentally accessed your main blog my mistake lol. it looks nice, though.

    i think i am still bitter about my birth story. or not the birth specifically but those first 12 hours post partum. i am bitter that it cast a shadow over everything before and after, gave me an anxiety disorder, and will forever leave me with a sense of trepidation about ever having another. when i read other birth stories a green eyed monster rears its head, not because you have an unmedicated birth (you are still astonishing and amazing for doing so) but because you had the magic. you can look back on it with smiles 7 months later, i am almost 11 months out and i still have trouble revisiting those moments. ah well. c’est la vie.
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      I’m bitter for you, because I imagine it’s like being in a car crash and flinching every time you go back to the intersection — you know it was probably a fluke but the memory is just too real and raw. And I’m sad because I do think of her birthday as one of the best days of my life, despite the pain.

      Having said that, I hope that some day, when you’re talking to D about her entrance into the world, you own how STRONG you are for having made it through, and how connected the two of you will always be because of it.
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  3. Marie says

    Great post Katy! I agree that everyone should do what is right for them. I feel that my epidurals really allowed me to “enjoy” ( and yes, that’s the correct word) my deliveries. Dare I tell you that reading your birth story convinced me to not even try to go drug free the second time around?

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    This is a great post and honestly so was Michelle’s. Since I am about 9 weeks out (give or take) from having my little one, I have been closely following everyone’s pregnancies and births. At this point I have decided that I am going to try and go drug-free, for the simple reason that the drugs scare me more than the pain. Not exactly a super hero reason. We will see what happens and how my body reacts in these upcoming weeks. Thanks for sharing everything you have about your whole pregnancy/birth/parenting journey.
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    I never had a drug free goal, but I did hope to labor as long as I could at home. I never knew how painful it would be (as if my body was being ripped apart from the inside), and I had heard that in between contractions you feel fine (not true, there was still a lot of pain then!), but I was also very very happy with my birth experience (you can read it here:, even if my recovery was much tougher than I could have imagined (my body rejected my stitches, that was not fun, and things are still not 100%, 11 weeks in). And I would do it all over again, the amazing epidural and even the tough recovery to have my baby girl here in my arms. Totally worth every second of pain :)
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    I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to the possibility of going through it all again. I talk about birth a lot…probably more now than I did before I went through it. A lot of people think that’s weird, seeing that it’s over and done with. I find that usually these people haven’t given birth or never thought of birth as more than a necessary evil to get the baby out. Everyone I know who sees birth as a beautiful, spiritual, meaningful experience understands why I am so obsessed with it.
    Our birth circumstances were very similar I feel, and I really admire you for doing it 100% naturally. Though I can (finally) say I am at peace with the way our birth turned out, part of me is definitely looking for some sort of redemptive experience if we ever have #2. Not so I can feel better or stronger than anyone else, but because it’s something that I personally have always wanted and have not yet experienced fully.
    Well said, I enjoyed “meeting” you and hearing your reflection!

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    I finally got to watch this! Sorry it’s taken me a few days :) (By the way, Evan fell asleep when he heard your voice – are you available for the middle of the night??)

    I definitely agree with you — you should be SO PROUD of your birth! I hope my post didn’t diminish that. I think all women should be proud of giving birth (and carrying a baby for 9+ months). It’s what our bodies were built to do, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

    And it is true — a week later – the pain doesn’t seem that horrible. My brain and body think, “I could do that again – if I had to.” (not that it’s GOING to be happening again no matter what my postpartum hormones are telling me, mind you) In retrospect, I wish I had done more meditating or something to handle the pain at the end. I think my body was definitely prepared for delivery – and maybe that’s why he came so fast (or maybe that’s just how my body has always worked, but I never realized it because of the inductions) – but my mental game was so NOT THERE. Ah well, live and learn. And honestly, the best experiences in life are the ones you don’t expect. Evan’s birth is without a doubt one of those experiences!
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      Your post was beautiful and the only thing it did was make me think…because even though I am proud, I don’t want to be one of the people that somehow intimidates women into thinking one type of birth is somehow more brave or powerful than others.

      The best I can compare it to is running. Take half marathons. They’re not for everyone, and that’s totally OK. But to complete one, you do need some type of inner strength and commitment, so if you’re one of those that crosses the finish line and then tells the world, I think that’s awesome. It doesn’t mean that people who don’t run are less amazing…it just means that you accomplished something difficult.

      And seriously. Your kid. He warms my heart every time I see him.
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