Dear Audrey (18 Months)

Dear Audrey,

A year and half. You are a YEAR AND A HALF OLD! I’d say I can’t believe it, but I also can’t believe there was a time in my life when you didn’t exist.

Audrey at the Park-44.jpg

There haven’t been any huge developments in the last four weeks — you still love to run around and dance and point to your eye-nose-ear-belly-hair — but you just keep coming into your own. Watching your personality develop is fascinating. You have higher highs and lower lows than ever before, and you have definitely learned the art of throwing a temper tantrum.


But unless you’re teething, tired or hungry, you usually keep a smile on your face and a naughty little gleam in your eye. You seem to always know what you’re not supposed to do (steal the remote, throw a toy, feed the dog a cracker) and when we get stern with you, you just laugh.


At school, you’re apparently showing signs of being kind and sympathetic to your friends, and that makes my heart soar. When someone is crying or hurt, you like to go hold his or her hand or stand by his or her side. That’s so sweet.

I really like these two.

You have made it clear that in our house, DADA is your favorite.

Stinker, indeed.


But you do still love me, and your favorite thing to do, especially after I change your diaper, is squeeze my neck in the fiercest hug and then slobber me with a kiss. It’s pretty awesome.


You do have more teeth now, and brushing them is a favorite pastime. So is reading books — you wiggle backwards into our lap and ask us to read the same stories over and over — and stacking blocks. You are much more independent than ever as well — when I try to carry you around, you insist on walking by yourself.


We love you so, so much my little Bug.




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