Dear Audrey (2 Years)


Dear Audrey,

You poor thing. You’ve had to deal with SO many snuggles and SO many tears and SO many stories over the last week or so. I just can’t believe my little baby, born exactly two years ago, is a big girl.


You’re talking. Dancing. Singing. You are funny and mischievous and naughty and silly and so darn smart.

You are the most important thing in my life, and even on the bad days, I look at you and I know that I was put on this Earth to be your mama.



Two years ago, I fought to bring you into this world, a week after doctors said you would come out, but at the perfect time for YOU. That day will always be one of the most special of my life, but each October 13 that passes joins the list.


There are so many adventures ahead, my beautiful Bug. Thank you for being such a blessing to us, and of course…all of my love. Forever and ever.