Dear BabyBug 2.0 (26 Weeks)

26 Weeks

Hey Buggy!

This has been a really good week. If it’s anything like when I was pregnant with your big sister, this is the stretch where things are REALLY great — weeks 25-29, let’s say — before they get REALLY tough. So I can honestly say that I’m basking in being pregnant at the moment.

You’re more active by the day. I got to hear your little 140-bpm heart thumping away at this week’s check-up, and while I’m confident that you’re happy and healthy, the reassurance is always nice. I also fell in love with one of the midwives from the practice and now I need you to cross all of your tiny fingers and toes that she’s the one who pulls you out in a few months, OK? I know the other doctors will be great, and of course, the nurses will really make all the difference (plus your awesome Daddy and our doula, who will be by my side the whole way). But there’s something really exciting about having a midwife who genuinely seems to understand what I want and need, and wants to make that happen as much as I do.

You want to know a secret, speaking of your awesome Daddy? Just like he did with Audrey, he has been stealing my beloved pregnancy pillow this week. I don’t mind sharing, because the really good week I’ve had is a result of some really good sleep, even without the pillow. But I’ll definitely be getting it back soon, kiddo. You love to roll around at night and press right onto my bladder. Yeesh.

We are flying to see your Grammy, Grampy, Grampa T, NeNe and a whole mess of family next week — I can’t wait to spend two weeks in Maine being lazy, having you fawned over, eating lots of yummy foods and sitting by the ocean. When we get back, it feels as if we’ll only have a little bit of time left before you make your arrival, so before the chaos sets in, I’m going to relax as much as possible.

Love you so much. I love feeling you inside me. I love picturing who you’ll be, and what you’ll be like. I anticipate our first moments together (I’ll be the one sniffing your head like a crazy lady, but that newborn smell is just too much to resist…) and the years to come.

Be well, my baby.