The Light in Me Honors the Light in Her

(Please see full disclosure below — the mat and DVD you see featured here were sent as free review items by, one of my favorite online yoga sources!)

I love yoga. I have practiced regularly for the last five years or so, and became especially devoted during my pregnancy with Audrey. I not only craved the physical release and added flexibility, I came to really appreciate the community and mental clarity that practice gave me.

So, perhaps it’s no wonder that I have a little yogini in training.

Audrey has been watching me practice yoga since she was born, and even “helping” me with my choreography as a fitness instructor. She doesn’t understand all of the postures or really any of the breathing, but she LOVES playing around with:

  • basic sun salutations
  • cobra
  • downward-facing dog
  • child’s pose
  • tree
  • single-legged downward dog

I’ve taken her to a few family classes, and while she lacked focus (comes with the 2-year-old territory!) she seemed to really love the experience.



Now, I try to do at least a few yoga postures with her every day. I’m trying to teach her about breathing, showing her how to hold her belly and feel the in-and-out and even showing her how to breathe in and out through her nose (toddler ujjayi breathing!).

I don’t know if this will be a lifelong practice for her, but I love that she’s getting immersed in yoga so early. I wish I’d started practicing earlier in my life, and if nothing else, it’s a great bonding opportunity for us!


(FYI — the Manduka LiveON Kids mat you see above and the Wai Lana Little Yogis DVD we’ve been using were sent to us for free, in exchange for sharing some photos, by, one of my FAVORITE sources for yoga and meditation materials. We’ve gotten a singing bowl, yoga apparel and other items from this shop over the last few years and everything comes quickly and returns have never been a hassle.)