Dear BabyBug 2.0 (16 Weeks)

16 Weeks

Hey buggy!

I’m still living in limbo land with you, but I’m really kind of enjoying the calm. It’s a very busy summer — I’m traveling at least once a week in June, July, August and September — and I know that as you grow and move around, this will be getting much more uncomfortable. Right now, you’re there and seem happy (you have a voracious appetite — or, rather, you give me one).

I’m working on your name. If you could give me a kick when you like something you hear, that would be great. Maybe two kicks for no? (Actually, I’m still not sure that the flutters I feel are kicks but I like the idea that they could be.)

And big sister sure is excited to meet you, too. She likes to remind me, “Mommy, you have a baby in you belly. You belly getting big!” I can’t wait to dress you two up.


You have two big tests coming up, on the same day. We have our routine 20-week ultrasound scheduled, and right after that, we have a second, much longer ultrasound, to look at your heart. Your big sister surprised us when she had a hole in her heart at birth, so we want to know if you might have the same thing. I’m hoping you’re in the clear but if not, we’ll handle it!

Love you, Bug. More than words.