Dear Audrey (23 Months)

Dear Audrey,

In one month — such a tiny fraction of time — you will be two. I have such mixed feelings on the impending anniversary of your birth, but I imagine that’s something I’ll be dealing with for decades to come.


It’s truly amazing to me how quickly your skills are developing. You love (love!) to sing, to spell, to count and to dance. And you’re pretty good at all of them — except for counting; you always skip four and eight and do not like being corrected.

Ahem. You’re just like your mama.

Your verbal skills are coming fast and furious as well. You don’t quite speak in any meaningful sentences, although you are getting much closer to “no, thank you” and “I love you,” both of which melt my heart.

I still have to translate Audrey-speak for others, but I’ve gotten to know what you mean fairly well. “Fur fear” means that you’d like to wash your hands, for example.

You also love to say “good girl, Audie” — so there’s no shortage of self-confidence, for sure.

And “stop, mama.” I hear “stop, mama” about 50 times a day, and sometimes you’ll actually cover my mouth with your hands if you don’t want me to sing/talk/whatever.


On the whole, you’re still all about Daddy, and the feeling is mutual. I love seeing the two of you together, whether it’s building with your blocks, dancing or making silly faces. While I’m not normally your first choice, you do still come to me offering hugs, kisses and snuggles, especially when you’re tired.


It’s amazing to me how much and how well you mimic us. I practice yoga almost every day, and you’ve become my best yogini buddy. Each weekend, we take a class together and at home, you love to go through vinyasas and any time you see a yoga mat,  you make me roll it out so you can go through your poses. I really hope you always see yourself as strong and beautiful, my love…


They say the days are long but the years are short, and I definitely understand. Some days, especially those that come with tantrums and food throwing and hitting and other naughty behavior, I just fall into a chair when you’ve gone to bed…it’s exhausting, especially since you have so much energy. But when I’m away from you — traveling, or even just for a night out with friends — I really miss you.

So here’s to 23 months, my girl. Next month, I’ll be looking back on the two years that I’ve known you. The two best years of my life.